Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's suppose to be me and a monster hanging out. Yup yup!


Caroline Beauchamp said...

c'est tout a fait toi ce petit dessins, et c'est mignon comme tout!

Bradley Cayford said...

cute. For some reason it reminded me of drawing the Orangutans at the zoo back home. Then I thought another cool/cute drawing would be the two of these characters drawing eachother.

Arschblog said...

You are lucky! You can hang out with monsters! Great drawing!
I like how you drew yourself!:D

Ahmed KASSEM said...

reall cool designs all over the place. bravo!

btw u still in Hali?

Martine Cyr said...

Cré Anne-Marie Cocotte!
Sa représente qui ce gros montre derrière toi?
Tu es super bonne.
Bravo cousine

Anne-Marie Cyr said...

Caro: Merci c'est super gentil! :)

Brad: Thanks!!! Good idea... Maybe I'll do that...

Stephi: I just I could see them for real... that would be awesome!! Thanks for the comment.

Ahmed: Thanks a lot!! I'm trying really hard not to stop drawing even though I stopped school.

Martine: Hey merci beaucoup!!